the story of the sol café

P4250120The sol café started out as an idea percolating in some people’s heads. We soon discovered that we shared this idea (or maybe that God had put this idea in all our heads) so we got together over coffee to talk about it.

The idea was this: If we wanted to get to know God better, we’d invite him out for a coffee and have a good talk. After all, that’s how we got to know all our good friends.

We invited a few other people to talk about this idea, over coffee. Those people invited a few other people, and well, you know the drill. Word gets around any time there’s good conversation and a decent cup of joe to be had.

Pretty soon there were a whole lot of people, much to our surprise, who were getting together every Sunday night, over coffee, to talk about this idea, and other ideas. Some of us loved to sing and make music, so we did some singing and played some music. Some of us loved to paint and draw and write, so we listened to their poetry and we put their art up on the walls for all to see. Some of us made a really good cup of coffee, so you know what they were up to all night! But we all liked to talk over a good cup of coffee, so that’s what we did most of all: enjoyed each others’ company, and the company of God.

In retrospect, we think maybe it was God that invited all of us to coffee and, as one might expect, it was a hard invitation to turn down.

For the first few years, we met in a church basement, decorated like a coffee shop. Then for a few more years, we met in an internet café that we bought so that we’d have a regular place to meet, not just on Sundays but any time the mood struck us. Then for another few years, we met in another arty café space… moving as we felt moved. For over ten years, we met, talked over coffee, and got to know God better along the way.

Then came a time to go our separate ways, when this conversation had run its course but the many new conversations it had started kept going in all different directions. So we turned off the espresso machine and the sol café closed its doors.

But the spirit of the sol café lives on, here and in a thousand other conversations. And why wouldn’t it? After all, it wasn’t really our spirit that gave it life in the first place…

Perhaps one day we’ll get invited back for a refill?